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The UK’s most popular tree, our bestselling tree, and with these qualities it’s not hard to see why we sell 3 times more Nordmann Firs than anything else.

The tree holds its needles well, even after it has been cut, which makes it an ideal choice to have inside the home. This is also one of the reasons why the Nordmann Fir has become our most popular tree.

Walk into most homes with a real Christmas tree on display and chances are it’s a Nordmann, sometimes we like to break from tradition and be different from the norm, here it’s a case of don’t try and mend what doesn’t need mending!

It’s an easy to look after tree with great needle retention, soft needles that won’t hurt the kids or pets and looks amazing.

The Nordmann Fir originates from the Caucasus Mountains, where it occurs on both sides of the mountain range. The seeds for Christmas tree production can be collected in either Turkey or Georgia.

Like any real tree cut or rooted there are 3 key points to ensure the longevity of your chosen tree.

  • Make sure it’s fresh, you won’t have any problems however buying from us.
  • Keep away from heat, be it a fire or radiator heat will have the tree bare in days, if it must go near a radiator please make sure it’s turned off.
  • Water, like a cut flower the tree will carry on lapping it up, up to a pint a day in some circumstances, make sure you choose a stand that can hold water.

Premier Deluxe Cut Nordmann Fir 200-225cm