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Local Producers

We disconnect the human element from so much of what we consume: the food we eat; the clothes we wear; the books we read.


This is what so many of today’s modern culinary movements are rallying against - encouraging us to reconnect with the people who source our food, brew our beer, roast our coffee, bake our bread and distill our gin.  They’re often people who live just down the road, or drive in from a nearby farm to set up shop at a farmer’s market. The connection is palpable.


Wherever possible we cook and bake in-house. We also try to source as many of our ingredients from artisanal producers and suppliers from within a 30-mile radius, and we'll continue to seek new, local and seasonal produce to add to our menus. In some cases it might be a little more expensive, but we know that the quality is assured, that we are supporting and connecting to our local community, and we also know who is making our food and drink.


We're proud to work with the following local suppliers:

Bread and Cakes - Baines Bakery, Uppingham

Meat, Pork Pies, Scotch Eggs and Cheese - Leeson’s Family

Butchers, Oakham

Beer and Cider - Grainstore Brewery, Oakham

Craft Ales and Beer - Round Corner Brewing, Melton Mowbray

Coffee and Tea - Land Girls, Preston, and Select Coffee Services, Peterborough

Mineral Water - Swithland Spring Water, Swithland

Rutland Honey - Mr. Stapling, Ryhall

Marmalades, jams and pickles - Jeannie's Kitchen Garden, Lyddington

Rutland Rapeseed Oil - Wytchley Warren Farm, Ketton

Multim Gin Parvo - Union Distillers, Market Harborough

Ice Cream - Ferneley’s Ice Cream, Whissendine

Cordials, Presses and Soft Drinks - Belvoir Farm, Bottesford

Whyte Wytch Cheese - Sacrewell Farm, Thornaugh

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